Mobile Phone Configuration

ProtoLink developed an application that locates existing Internet, e-mail and corporate access configuration information on a personal computer and transfers it to a mobile phone.

Dial-up networking connection information is retrieved using the Telephony API (TAPI) and the Remote Access Services (RAS) API. Proxy information is retrieved from the default browser, with support provided for both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

E-mail account information can be retrieved from either Outlook or Outlook Express.  If Outlook is configured as an Exchange client, Messaging API (MAPI) functions are used to extract the account information.  For both Outlook Express and Outlook configured as an internet e-mail client, the account information is read from the registry.

The application also supports sending World Wide Web favorite sites, or bookmarks, to the mobile phone.  The site URLs are read from configuration files stored by the default browser.

Users of the application have the ability to edit the settings after they have been automatically retrieved.  In addition, they can manually add new settings or load a previously saved configuration file.

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