Mobile Phone Outlook Extension

ProtoLink developed an Exchange Client Extension DLL that facilitates the sending of contact (vCard) and calendar (vCal) information from Microsoft Outlook to mobile phones via the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol.

After installation, the extension places a button on the Outlook toolbar and adds an option to the Tools menu.  After selecting one or more contacts or calendar events, the user can then either click on the toolbar button or select the menu option.  In either case, the user is presented with a form that prompts them to specify the email address of one or more phones that should receive the vCard or vCal information.  To simplify address entry, the user has the option of selecting the destination addresses from their address book, which can be launched by clicking a button on the form.

To support internationalization, the extension uses resource-only satellite DLLs for all user interface elements.  The extension is currently available in three languages.

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