Pump Configuration Editor

ProtoLink developed an application for a manufacturer of medical infusion pumps that allows their customers to tailor the pumps for their facilities.

When a major medical device manufacturer decided to field their next-generation electronic infusion device, they turned to ProtoLink to develop the software application for managing the customizable drug library and pump configuration.

The resulting application allows user institutions to customize their pumps’ onboard formularies of dose drugs and solutions. The application also provides the capability to customize location and care area names, configure the placement of pump menu options, configure wireless networking, and selectively enable or disable pump features to suit the institution’s needs. The application can perform network-connected upload of pump configurations and download of diagnostic log files within the hospital environment.

This application allows the device manufacturer to eliminate the need to develop and maintain separate fixed libraries for customer institutions, thus reducing expenses related to development, validation, and version tracking, while allowing institutions direct control of their formularies.

The application was developed using Microsoft Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), and implements features such as TCP/IP communications, owner-draw list views, formatted printing, and customer branding.

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