ProtoLink developed a shrink-wrapped data visualization product named VisiBit™.

This data mining tool represents the answer to a question facing a large number of modern businesses: namely, how to utilize the vast amounts of data being collected to improve the bottom line? Too often organizations underutilize their hard-earned data because of an inability to get it in front of the proper individuals in a format they can understand. VisiBit automatically and continuously queries relational databases, represents the results in images, archives the images, and then retrieves and displays them for users.

The VisiBit product is comprised of three interrelated C++ applications: VisShow, VisGen, and VisAdmin. VisShow is the application that displays the VisiBit images. ProtoLink implemented VisShow as an ActiveX control and associated container. As a result, VisShow can also be hosted in any ActiveX container, including popular human machine interfaces such as Wonderware InTouch. VisGen is the VisiBit component responsible for continuously querying relational databases and converting the results to images. This Windows service utilizes Microsoft’s OLE DB data access technology. ProtoLink implemented the third component, VisAdmin, as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in component. This tool is used by VisiBit administrators to configure image contents and associated processing schedules.

As sole developers of VisiBit, ProtoLink transformed a client’s idea into a sophisticated suite of software applications that thoroughly exploit the capabilities of the Microsoft platform. VisiBit represents a unique solution to a very real problem and is available for purchase from our client. Please contact us for more information.

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