Water Utilities SCADA System

ProtoLink was chosen by a large municipality to develop a city-wide water utilities SCADA system unifying two separate existing systems. Wonderware’s System Platform and Historian where chosen as the SCADA system software.

The system is located in two control rooms approximately 45 miles apart. Multiple workstations display a managed Wonderware InTouch application used for city-wide water administration. Management of the entire system can be accomplished from either control room. Each control room has redundant object servers hosting the system configuration and a historian for real-time data archival. The system is equipped with a terminal server hosting up to four mobile operator interfaces utilizing the same InTouch application used in the control rooms.

More than forty RTUs and eight PLCs are continuously monitored by the system utilizing direct Ethernet, radio and leased-line communications. Reporting needs are met by both standard and custom reporting tools accessing real-time and archived data. The object-oriented tools provided by the ArchestrA platform are exploited to their fullest making both the underlying configuration and the graphical user interface structured and consistent.

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