Fluid Transfer Automation Objects

ProtoLink developed a suite of paired PLC and ArchestrA objects that allow a major oil production company to rapidly place fluid transfer automation equipment into operation.

ProtoLink was chosen by a major oil production company to deliver an object-oriented solution for their fluid transfer process in a west Texas field. The solution developed by ProtoLink is comprised of custom user-defined functions executing on a PLC and multiple derived Wonderware ArchestrA templates. The template attributes are automatically mapped with the PLC I/O based on the object’s type and version. This allows the user to simply deploy a combination of a PLC object and an ArchestrA object to place equipment into operation. As part of this project, ProtoLink also developed a custom C# application that communicates with ArchestrA through its .NET interface. This tool reads the names and types of the field attributes and user-defined attributes (UDAs) as part of a validation process.

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