Tano Aquatrol W1500

ProtoLink developed a DDE server for polled and quiescent mode communications with the Tano Aquatrol W1500 RTU.

ProtoLink developed a 32-bit multithreaded DDE Server for the Tano Aquatrol W1500 RTU.  These devices can be configured to operate in quiescent (cry-out) mode.

The W1500 server was developed using the Wonderware DDE Server Toolkit and is ProtoPort compatible.  It supports scheduled or interval polling and is capable of receiving unsolicited messages.  It retrieves device configuration information from a Microsoft Access database.

This driver has been fielded in a multi-protocol environment in which it shared a single radio channel with our Tesco LIQ4/LIQ5 driver.  Both drivers receive unsolicited messages from their respective controllers via ProtoPort.

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